“I was born in Los Angeles, tuned my friends’ guitars for money in the late 80’s, met John Silva, toured the world with Nirvana, Redd Kross, Frank Black, Sonic Youth, Beck, and Melvins till Beck asked me to play guitar and leave the tuning to someone else. Played guitar with a few more bands like That Dog, the Steven McDonald Group, Old Hickory, uh... Wrote a few film scripts and magazine articles for MOJO, Mix, Electronic Musician, took a part-time job with my friend Jon Brion, kept buying guitars and mics, made some more recordings, gave up smoking, found an old studio in the Valley and started Bright Street Recorders, made some more recordings, quit smoking again, bought James Brown’s mixing console and tomorrow morning I’ll probably go surfing or cycle up the Angeles Crest HWY”.

More recently, I have composed scores for two feature films: ‘#Horror’ (directed by Tara Subkoff and starring Chloe Sevigny) and ‘Baked In Brooklyn’ (starring Alexandra Daddario and Josh Brenner). Both films will be out next summer.

Oh, and I banged out a couple car commercials for Ford and Cadillac...

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